Infinite Paradise album Thanks-to translations.


Infinite exist cause Inspirits are there.

Inspirits exist cause Infinite is there.

Infinitly infinite (indication of that they have no boundaries). You will come with us all the way right?


I think that we had gained a lot of things from this album (OTT). Thank you to those who shower us with love even though we lack (at performance). We will infinitely improve step by step. Everyone, Hwaiting!


I realize that music have infinite possibilities because of our new album (OTT). Those who love our music constantly, thank you so much. Let’s go all the way together. Yeah Peace!

Yesterday is today’s memories and tomorrow is today’s dream. Fighting for right now!


Imagine and dream.

Then the world will move the way we want.


I thought that I was getting closer to my dreams. I was active with the album (indication of that Infinite did well in OTT). And that I was getting closer with the members. I will work harder as there are things I lack at. Inspirits all the way! :)


The perspiration I sweat today is my name card ten years later. I’m not sweating yet, but just feeling hot. Let’s strive harder. Hwaiting! <3


I felt a lot of things as we worked on this album <3. Thank you to everyone who suffered with us, my lovely Inspirits, <3<3<3<3. I will be the Jong who will be improving.

Maknae on top :D

[Please do take with credits!!]

Paradise 2nd Win~

Paradise second win.

[131011] Hoya’s tweet translation.

[Original] lee howon (hoya1991) 야호!!!!! 일등이다!!!!! 사랑해요 인스피릿!!!! ●=● ㅋㅋㅋ

[English] YAHOO!!!!! 1st!!!!! I LOVE YOU INSPIRITS!!!! ●=● *laughing sounds*

[Chinese] Yahoo!!!!! 第一名呀!!!!! INSPIRITS,我爱你们!!!! ●=● *笑*

[Japanese] YAHOO!!!! 冠の(?)!!!!!INSPIRITS、愛してる!!!●=● *笑*

Credits to iLoveinf7nite